Tempo Travellers

Today you have many options in Travel agencies but when it comes to group journey we advise you to choose tempo Travellers. We provide best Tempo travellers in Amritsar. They are the big vehicles with large space for passengers and enough storing room with a comfortable ride. Our fleet has all kind of tempo travellers in Amritsar from luxury to non/ac. There is not a much difference in their rental cost. These are always ready to take you on the journey to out of the station or in the city. Our tempo traveller service is 24/7 available in Amritsar and surrounding areas, especially to Airport. Tempo comes in different models with varying sitting capacity. You can choose any of the seating capacity of 12, 14, 17 passengers.

Luxury tempos are equipped with LCD TVs while in normal tempos you can find a water cooler, First aid kit, Separate fan and light on each seat. Both have the same ride quality with the same comfort so we advise you to choose NON/AC tempo traveller in winters and AC tempo in summers when the temperature goes above 40 degrees. As they are big in size they are more comfortable an safe than other minivans. Normally we drive 10 hours per day but if you want us to drive more you have to pay an extra amount which is a negligible price. Our Tempo Traveller drivers are different from regular car drivers. They have the special training of driving a big vehicle with 10 or more passengers.

We provide a helper in each tempo who is always there the load and unload your luggage. So that you and your family can fully enjoy the holidays with any inconvenience. We also provide tempo traveller service to the Amritsar airport, call us for pick up/ drops. We can take you anywhere you want in Punjab and Chandigarh. Our special Delhi airport tempo traveller service is 24/7 available.

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We want personal time with our family means we do not like any kind of disturbance or distraction when we spend time with family. You can choose any place of your choice for upcoming holidays to visit, just call and decide the time when you want to start your journey we will arrange the best tempo traveller service for your loved ones. We are offering tempo traveler service in Amritsar at very low rates as compared to other car rental agencies.

We have latest model tempos in our fleet (white and off-white color). For general queries please feel free to contact us. The best way to contact us is to give us a call.