Our Fleets

We have almost every vehicle you need. Our fleet includes many cars and buses. AC and Non AC for all seasons. All vehicles are equipped with heater and AC. We maintain the health of our fleet so that we protect the mother nature by reducing the amount of pollution. If you are the fan of SUV’s, we have all kinds of them from Scorpio to Safari to Fortuner. All vehicles are equipped with Multiple Airbags, EBD, ABS, Traction Control, Fog Lights, Latest Seat Belts, Power steering.

We always carry a Safety kit, Troubleshooting kit and Medical kit in our all vehicles. Our Drivers know to give first aid on the roadside. We also provide Ac and no Ac busses for a wedding and other programs. There is the special team of bus drivers and only those are allowed to drive and take care of bus. we assign a separate vehicle to each of our drivers. Yes, we do have extra drivers which can drive for you if your assigned driver is not in a condition to drive. We give special and hard training to our drivers. We check their complete track record and if you want we can show the progress report of your assigned driver and vehicles.

You are welcome to ask any question about our vehicle safety and model. we will show you all paperwork and safety features before the journey starts.