If you are living in a city of Amritsar or in Nearby towns and villages you may need a taxi for reasons such as Going on holidays, the Sudden need of a car etc. All taxi companies are not same their policies, experience and customer skill make them different from each other. Some have really clean and advanced vehicles while on the other hand others are using reused vehicles. Today we are going to teach you the right way of hiring a taxi for any purpose. Below are the things you need to ask yourself before choosing a Taxi.

Number of People Travelling:

Ask this question first to your self because all cars have different structure and space. Sometimes people just call and book a taxi without telling the agency which size car they want (for how many people). The company assumes you need a regular car with sitting capacity of 3 to 4 people and when they come to your place then you realize you forgot to tell them to bring a big van. Almost every taxi company have a different range of vehicles from small to large vans including tourist buses.

The Experience:

A hand full of people ask taxi service providers about their experience. It is advised to confirm their experience and check they have all the necessary authorities of running a taxi agency. This step will ensure your safety. Those car rental agencies which are in the business for a long time have more experience and better knowledge of the area so they can serve you better. To reach your destination safely and also on time always choose reputed taxi service.

Operating Hours:

It is important to know the operating hours of your taxi service provide because of some taxis only available at specified hours during the day. Whereas some providers work 24/7 a year without any holiday. Be ensure you will get a taxi if you arrive late.

The price you Pay:

In Amritsar area, there is not a specific rate list for taxi agencies so they charge what they feel is reasonable. If you book a taxi through their website you will get some discount. Call reputed taxi agencies only to get the fare charges. They also charge according to the car you choose for example if you book a normal car you need to pay what everybody is paying but for big cars or luxury cars, you will have to pay extra.


This is a most important question to ask a car rental company. You should check the driver experience by asking the company or by checking the driver’s license. Some taxi service companies play with your safety and give cars to untrained drives or to those having little or no experience of highways. To avoid such conditions it is better to tell them to send you a experiences driver.

Company Reputation:

There are many taxi services in the area but we advise you to choose a reputed agency service only. This will ensure your safety as they hire those drives which pass their test and have good customer skills and knowledge on highways and local roads. In fact, they also have GPS tracking system in their vehicles and a camera which records everything, for your and their driver’s safety.